Abby Christeen Whaley

Poems of Abby Christeen Whaley

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8. Lost Without You 3/2/2012
9. Love Is 4/5/2013
10. Mirror 6/12/2013
11. Mirror, mirror 1/6/2013
12. My Dreams 5/4/2012
13. My Love For You <3 3/2/2012
14. RED - Damage Lyrics 9/19/2013
15. When Your Near Me 1/20/2013

Lost Without You

At first we were friends, but we got in a fight...
4 years later we were even closer
But are parents didnt approve ach other
So we separate and never see eah other till the next 4 years..
But you told me, when I FINALLY got to see told me that you've 'changed'
And my stomach turned over Because I knew that was the end of friendship
But it never did end till I told the truth about me...which was only the beggining
And then everything went wrong, so now I think of you because I lov

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