AbdelAziz Alhaider

Rookie (in that biue planet......that called earth / within the time of the sad creation)

Biography of AbdelAziz Alhaider

When they open your eyes by the dangerous big operation
When you saw all those sad faces of your people
You were Crying until you became blind again

AbdelAziz Alhaider's Works:

Iam now at the shore of memory river ready to drink...
itis my first dose

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Sit Down To The Sea

The time and the wave are roaring …….and the time
Extends as a coast of myth fog
As bodies of the cunning sessions
As the bodies of the days dumped onto orthogonal to the city and the sea
The time crying in the faces that burned with the suns of machines
Crazy April winds
Wheels.. Shops windows in the al-Aramla station,
Vapors of globalization
And its promiscuous obscene smiles

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