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Poems of Abdul Wahab

541. Human Tragedy 12/20/2012
542. Humanism 7/21/2012
543. Hypocrisy 5/23/2013
544. i always get a lot of heat (song) 9/28/2012
545. I Am A Mad Man 2/18/2012
546. I am a complete mad man 5/4/2012
547. I am a drop of dew 8/7/2013
548. I am a great liar! 10/28/2012
549. I am a human being 5/21/2012
550. i am at the bottom 6/7/2012
551. I Am Dead 7/18/2013
552. I am going to be pickle 5/18/2012
553. I am here and now 1/18/2013
554. I am in full dream 6/17/2012
555. I am in love 5/23/2012
556. i am in love ii 7/2/2013
557. I am in, you are out 5/23/2012
558. I Am Indebted To You Ruckmoni 7/4/2013
559. i am Lucky speaking from Bangladesh 4/15/2013
560. I am lying on the pyre! 5/13/2012


Oh, butterfly, butterfly,
why do you flutter by?
Why can not you fly straight,
and have any weapons to fight?
Where do you get so much colour?
Can I buy one, how much in dollar?

Why do you have two lives?
Can I get one, please!

[Hata Bildir]