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1. Intoxicated 9/9/2010
2. Wishes 9/14/2010
3. Disowned 9/14/2010
4. Caught In Emotions 10/8/2010
5. Spiders 10/8/2010
6. The Real Me 10/30/2010
7. Bankrupt 9/18/2010
8. Memories In The Making 11/5/2010
9. Episode 11/5/2010
10. Damaged Heart 11/10/2010
11. The Streets 11/10/2010
12. I Love 'Juicy' 11/14/2010
13. Cold 12/23/2010
14. Thank You So Much 12/23/2010
15. My Crazy Anger 1/9/2011
16. Rejected 1/9/2011
17. Waste 1/12/2011
18. Break Down The Wall 2/8/2011
19. My Focus Is My Song 2/16/2011
20. This February 2/17/2011
21. Capture This Moment 4/6/2011
22. My Generation 7/19/2012
23. Heartbreak 7/19/2012
24. Cocaine 7/19/2012
25. I Rise Up To Shine 1/4/2013
26. The Inexplicable One 1/4/2013
27. Go Hard 1/4/2013
28. I Dreamt About You 8/23/2014
29. Situationships 8/23/2014
30. Lights Off 8/23/2014
31. The Missing Feeling 8/23/2014
32. Your Love 8/23/2014
33. Karma Says Patience 8/23/2014
34. Its Not My Fault 8/23/2014
35. Never Ex 8/23/2014
36. No Harm 8/23/2014
37. Now That I Love You 9/2/2014
38. In That Moment 9/2/2014
39. How You... 9/2/2014
40. Agony 1/18/2011
Best Poem of abigail sikwenda

Its Crazy

Its crazy how your silence gets to be another murder case
Its crazy how i trip like i didn't tie my shoe lace
Its crazy how its so hard for me to be your base
Its crazy how other people put smiles on my face
Its crazy how those little things by you come by grace
Its crazy how much your love i embrace
Its crazy how loving you feels like i'm in a race
Its crazy how i can't catch your pace
Its crazy how i love you and i'll give you space
Its crazy how its crazy so watch this space

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An Ode To My Superwoman

The dream about when you were gone happened exactly as it came to pass
And all my childish fears of how i'd be weren't a fuss
You were the best one best friend i never knew i had
But i didn't know i'd need you this much when i'm sad
I remember when i said the last goodbye
I only said that goodbye because i knew i'd see you again as the day went by
If i had known it was the last goodbye ever
I wouldn't have let me go, i'd have done myself a favor
Your hardwork captivated me to do

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