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1. Intoxicated 9/9/2010
2. Wishes 9/14/2010
3. Disowned 9/14/2010
4. Caught In Emotions 10/8/2010
5. Spiders 10/8/2010
6. The Real Me 10/30/2010
7. Damaged Heart 11/10/2010
8. The Streets 11/10/2010
9. I Love 'Juicy' 11/14/2010
10. Cold 12/23/2010
11. Redeem Me 12/23/2010
12. Thank You So Much 12/23/2010
13. My Crazy Anger 1/9/2011
14. Rejected 1/9/2011
15. Waste 1/12/2011
16. Bankrupt 9/18/2010
17. Memories In The Making 11/5/2010
18. Episode 11/5/2010
19. Break Down The Wall 2/8/2011
20. My Focus Is My Song 2/16/2011
21. This February 2/17/2011
22. Capture This Moment 4/6/2011
23. My Generation 7/19/2012
24. Heartbreak 7/19/2012
25. Cocaine 7/19/2012
26. I Rise Up To Shine 1/4/2013
27. The Inexplicable One 1/4/2013
28. Go Hard 1/4/2013
29. I Dreamt About You 8/23/2014
30. Situationships 8/23/2014
31. Lights Off 8/23/2014
32. The Missing Feeling 8/23/2014
33. Your Love 8/23/2014
34. Karma Says Patience 8/23/2014
35. Its Not My Fault 8/23/2014
36. Never Ex 8/23/2014
37. No Harm 8/23/2014
38. Now That I Love You 9/2/2014
39. In That Moment 9/2/2014
40. How You... 9/2/2014
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The Super African Woman That I Am

I am what i am, woman, soul, spirited
I am fearfully and wonderfully created
I am what no man can do without
I am meant to deliver with no doubt
I am behind every successful man
I am what was created out of a rib of a man
I am what i instill today in the future tomorrow
I am that feels the pain others will never feel
I am that bleeds without getting hurt
I am emotional and fragile i easily get hurt
I am that heals by my words and understanding
I am the producer of fine product
I am who's character is reflected in my conduct
I am the one with my ...

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If wishes were dreams that would come true
Maybe at the least, you could unleash your emotions of which part of your life they rule
What would beauty be without pain, rain or sorrow?
Where you picture it in front of a mirror, yet so phenomenal
The wind cried once, 'I want to feel who i touch because i'm more substance than air'
And yet sometimes when we're hit by the wind, we're on our knees saying life isn't fair
So your problems become your emotions, and they are there with you, on

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