Treasure Island

Abu Firas al-Hamadani


Poems of Abu Firas al-Hamadani

1. A Hunting Trip 10/28/2013
2. A Private conversation of a Prisoner 9/6/2013
3. Hardly Had You Shed Tears… 9/9/2013
4. If The Old Woman Was Not At Manbej 9/13/2013
5. Insights and Deep Sighs 10/29/2013

A Hunting Trip

A man's age is not to be measured by his long years,
But by how happily he lives his life.
The days of my glory and unlimited authority
Are the ones I consider truly lived by me.
O how unfair fate can be to its children,
How treacherous to those who put their trust in it

[Hata Bildir]