Ada Cambridge

[Ada Cross] (21 November 1844 – 19 July 1926 / St Gemans, Norfolk)

Ada Cambridge Poems

101. Advent Hymn 3/2/2010
102. A Wife's Protest 3/3/2010
103. A Street Riot 3/3/2010
104. A Story at Dusk 3/2/2010
105. A Sigh in the Night 3/2/2010
106. A Sermon 3/2/2010
107. A Promise 3/3/2010
108. A Prayer 3/2/2010
109. A Lesson 3/3/2010
110. A Dream of Venice 3/2/2010

The Virgin Martyr

Every wild she-bird has nest and mate in the warm April weather,
But a captive woman, made for love -- no mate, no nest has she.
In the spring of young desire, young men and maids are wed together,
And the happy mothers flaunt their bliss for all the world to see:
Nature's sacramental feast for these -- an empty board for me.

I, a young maid once, an old maid now, deposed, despised, forgotten --
I, like them have thrilled with passion and have dreamed of nuptial rest,
Of the trem

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