Adam Zank

Rookie (July 13,1991 / Pennock Hospital, Hastings Michigan)

Adam Zank Poems

1. Why? 9/15/2005
2. New Orleans 12/16/2005
3. On The Verge 2/1/2006
4. Untitled 2/15/2006
5. Untitled, New 2/22/2006
6. Ammoral 3/23/2006
7. Dreams Of Theatre 3/24/2006
8. A (Deep) Observation Made In Boredom 5/2/2006
9. Ode To Speak 11/15/2005
10. Love That We Cant 12/9/2005
11. Excersize In Futility 6/7/2005
12. Tragedy Divine 9/9/2005
13. Tragedy Of A Rose 9/15/2005
14. Whisper 2/11/2005
15. Time Locked Away 9/8/2005
16. Vampyre 5/26/2005
17. Everybody's Fool 2/11/2005
18. Imaginary 2/11/2005
19. The Silence Is Broken! 2/11/2005
20. Nightmare 5/26/2005
21. Chasing Fate 5/27/2005
Best Poem of Adam Zank


Running, crying, screaming, dying,
as you cower you think its alright.
you've escaped the haunting memories.
Rustle in the shadows, you're off like a shot
Guess they're better hunters then you thought.
Sobs rack your body as you flee,
you stifle them -barely- as you hide.
If you let them catch you, they'll flay your mind.
You run, you hide, throw your body to the side
as you try to escape this violent Nightmare that is your reality...
This maze of chains and blades.
You crack your skull, think your dead
as sight fades away like the darkness giving ...

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Love That We Cant

God above! I'm so pissed off.
Why do you insist on this stupid game?
You act like I'm shit, you tear out my heart,
then turn around, and mourn for your loss.
We both love each other, yet you wont let it show.
You gossip with your friends, laugh and make fun of mine.
Then lingering eyes tell me you lied.
Why am I so wrong for you?
Why do you torture us so?

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