Aditya Mudbhary

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Biography of Aditya Mudbhary

Aditya Mudbhary started poetry from a very young age. His inspirations come from the likes of John Keats and Walt Whitman. Despite his birth in Nepal, his first language is English as he was brought up with a Cambridge education since a very young age.

He can be seen as a revolutionary artist of words who combines old english with modern day vocabulary. He delibrately writes in this form in order to defy the rules of poetry as in his belief he is an artist and not a scholar of literature. He believes that rules in any form of art weeds out the inner feelings and emotions. This is what allows Aditya the ability to express his feelings so strongly.

His revolt against the world of literature in order to free the poets of the future from rules and criticism of professors will live as long as his poems are alive. It is this revolt and his flaming desire to express his feelings that distinguishes his poetry from the rest. Updates

To Love Or Not

The breeze of memories blow through my heavy chest,
A cool long breath of the future slithers into my veins,
It was not so long ago since I saw the lady from the west,
And all too soon uncertainty drips on my shirt and stains.

A cruel joke played over and over again,
Like a modern mixtape with scratches they call so great,
Much like the waters of Everest eventually end in the drain,
It seems all good things have a similar fate.

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