Aditya Mudbhary

Rookie - 10 Points (December 16 - Still living / Patan, Nepal)

Biography of Aditya Mudbhary

Although born in Patan Hospital, In Nepal, Aditya grew up in lands very different to that of his culture.
At the age of 11, He was in Bangalore, India where he finished his high school. Then he returned back to Nepal to finish his IB Diploma, the time when he finished writing most of the poems listed here. For his further education he left for China, where he changed to end most of his problems which included drug and alcohol abuse. Not to list the other problems, his poetry skills were almost dead until the moment he returned to Nepal yet again where he finished his poem, New found Destination. Apart from poetry, he writes plays, movie scripts and also songs. Updates

Into Paradise

Strange hours calling my mighty soul,
Into the lair of death,
Showing me the path of light,
Towards death is my sight.

Death is beautiful if thy know the secret behind the wall of life,
A hallucination has shown me so now I want to break on through to the other side,
A life of misery that’s what we all have before the journey of the soul,
Love, Passion, and history in the making is a trouble we go through thinking it’s the perfect goal.

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