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Nahj Al Burda (The Way Of The Mantle)

On the plain, between the ban-tree and the mountain,
a white gazelle-fawn
Has found it licit in forbidden months
to shed my blood.
With the two eyes of a wild calf
fate shot a lion.
O [gazelle] that dwells on the plain,
[slay the lion] that dwells in the thicket!
When [the gazelle-fawn] gazed [upon me],
my soul spoke saying:
'Alas, your side has been struck
by a well-aimed arrow.
I denied [my soul] and hid the arrow
in my liver/heart.
For me, the wounds of lovers
cause no pain.
You have been endowed/blessed with the most ...

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A Sail On Tigris River

.A sail on Tigris River expands going forth in front of me
.My tears pray imploring not to viscous event attacks thee
.Glide on the water surface as floatable thing slowly
.Cross the water as the gleam guider that passes gently
.Come in to touch the land as if a heaven it looks eternally
.Maybe it looks as a smart paradise on smiling valley
.Stop to look closely and insure my heart to be safety
.Then I am saved from the gazing of black eyes jealousy
.To be from wine and drinking companio

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