Ahmad Shawqi


Poems of Ahmad Shawqi

1. A sail on Tigris River 9/7/2013
2. An Encounter with a Mother Cat 9/13/2013
3. Damascus 9/13/2013
4. Death overcomes upon everyone is alive 9/7/2013
5. Expatriation and Nostagia 9/6/2013
6. Footprints 9/13/2013
7. King Solomon and the Hoopoe 9/7/2013
8. King Solomon and The Peacock 10/29/2013
9. Latitudes Beneath Your Eyelids 4/14/2014
10. Nahj Al Burda (The Way Of The Mantle) 4/14/2014
11. O' God ! 9/4/2013
12. Stand for teacher 9/4/2013
13. That nature 9/7/2013
14. The Dog and the Pigeon 10/28/2013
15. The Monkey in the Ark 9/7/2013
16. The Sultan's Companion 10/28/2013
17. They tricked her is saying belle 9/7/2013
18. What Is THe Moon 4/14/2014

The Monkey in the Ark

Of all the things that happened in Noah's Ark,
The strangest ever was when the monkey lied to Prophet Noah
One day he climbed onto the roof of the Ark,
And felt a hankering after some mischievous antics
Therefore, he let out a very loud scream:
Help birds and fishes, help!
A mighty wave is about to overcome and destroy me
At once, the Prophet dispatched the eagles to him;
However, they found him playing and having fun

[Hata Bildir]