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Nahj Al Burda (The Way Of The Mantle)

On the plain, between the ban-tree and the mountain,
a white gazelle-fawn
Has found it licit in forbidden months
to shed my blood.
With the two eyes of a wild calf
fate shot a lion.
O [gazelle] that dwells on the plain,
[slay the lion] that dwells in the thicket!
When [the gazelle-fawn] gazed [upon me],
my soul spoke saying:
'Alas, your side has been struck
by a well-aimed arrow.
I denied [my soul] and hid the arrow
in my liver/heart.
For me, the wounds of lovers
cause no pain.
You have been endowed/blessed with the most ...

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O' God !

O' God !
I wander all day and pine through time,
And seek some comfort in my rhyme.
The noblest of rhymes overflow with love,
The sweetest line - the musical and pure -
Are written down for the heart as a cure.
Men turn as they pay to the holy place;
To Laila's home I turn my face.
Twice people say their prayers at dawn;

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