Airohng Liebe

Rookie (1993 / Dresden, Germany)

Biography of Airohng Liebe

Airohng Liebe poet

Airohng Liebe is my [Kaela Fritts] pseudonym. Airohng is pronounced 'Aaron.' Liebe is German for 'Love.' This name is a creation of my own, pieced together with borrowed bits and pieces. I fell in love with it as soon as I stumbled upon it when I was randomly scribbling, trying to come up with something suitable to write. I was truly born in Kansas, USA, but I decided that I needed somewhere 'closer to home' for my pseudonym, so Dresden, Germany it is. I hope you enjoy my works. Updates

My Ambiguous Heart

Ghost of my past
Revisited, refurbished.
In the blink of an eye
Everything changes.
Wishing that you had
Stayed six feet under,
But also dying
To have another try.
Door number two

[Hata Bildir]