Treasure Island

Alan Halford


Poems of Alan Halford

1. Beneath the Christmas tree 12/2/2012
2. Holding on 8/15/2012
3. Hospice 8/5/2012
4. ROOM 205 10/25/2012
5. Rosary 8/9/2012
6. Santa in Ghent 12/17/2012
7. The Girl Who Cared For The Sun 10/19/2013
8. The Knot 10/19/2013
9. The Well 3/31/2013

Holding on

I do not want to die on a Monday with rain raging down on my pain
my mind drifting back through a lather of dreams and fear grabbing hold of my name.

I do not want to die on a Tuesday it's the least of my favourite days
like the start of New Year there's little to cheer unless I change my ways.

I do not want to die on a Wednesday in sight of the weekend fair
too much to remember and much more to do - would be easier to finish off there.

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