Alan Halford


Poems of Alan Halford

1. Beneath the Christmas tree 12/2/2012
2. Holding on 8/15/2012
3. Hospice 8/5/2012
4. ROOM 205 10/25/2012
5. Rosary 8/9/2012
6. Santa in Ghent 12/17/2012
7. The Girl Who Cared For The Sun 10/19/2013
8. The Knot 10/19/2013
9. The Well 3/31/2013


She placed it down-
Something you can leave behind she thought but wouldn't say
A green plant in a tub rested next to the bed
A lead laden hand stretched to touch its broken soil
Small thing in the way of things and wondered why.

She thought-
New white walls prepare you best for heaven
While darkness only lingers in the mind

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