Alessandra Liverani

Rookie (Wollongong, Australia)

Alessandra Liverani Poems

121. I Always Have A Reason 4/21/2005
122. I Am Not An Addict 8/9/2005
123. I Bow Before You 9/5/2005
124. I Can'T Be Bothered 11/30/2006
125. I Deserve A Cigarette 5/16/2005
126. I Don'T Need Them 11/30/2006
127. I Don'T Resent 11/30/2006
128. I Grant You Permission 2/7/2005
129. I Want To Smoke 2/27/2005
130. I Will Help You 2/17/2005
131. I'D Like To Teach The World To Smoke 11/10/2007
132. If You Believe 7/5/2005
133. I'M Not Really A Smoker 5/8/2005
134. I'M Sick Of It 11/30/2006
135. Image In The Mirror 9/11/2005
136. In Any Way At All 5/19/2005
137. It's A Drug 3/12/2008
138. I'Ve Got It All Under Control 5/6/2005
139. Limericks 8/9/2005
140. Mental As Anything 7/24/2005
141. Monsters Inc 6/29/2005
142. More Torture, Why Not? 11/7/2006
143. Most Important 8/10/2005
144. My Cigarette, My Friend 8/16/2005
145. My Grandmother 4/12/2005
146. My Lot In Life 5/15/2005
147. My Name Is David 8/14/2005
148. Myths And Misconceptions 2/8/2005
149. Natural Phenomena 8/17/2005
150. Never Ending Time 8/17/2005
151. No Law 8/18/2005
152. Not A Problem 11/30/2006
153. Notification 3/5/2005
154. On A Railway Platform 11/26/2008
155. Optical Illusion 9/25/2005
156. Panic Attack 9/13/2005
157. Pavlov's Dog: Advanced Lesson 12/9/2006
158. People's Lying 2/19/2007
159. Play Time 9/21/2005
160. Power Of The Mind 11/30/2006
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- It's All Relative: : Humour

My mother’s brother’s sister’s name is Grace
She’s my aunt and likes to go from place to place
My mother’s sister’s brother’s name is Brad
He’s my uncle and he is my cousin’s Dad

My grandmother on my mother’s side
Is my maternal gran, she is my grandfather’s bride
She also is my father’s mother-in-law
And not surprisingly they often go to war

My cousin is the nephew of my mother
His father happens to be my mother’s brother
My aunty’s niece is in fact myself
If you're confused please don't look at me for help

(Sydney, Australia - 2005)

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This Is A Test Only

You're sitting at your desk, trying to concentrate
When suddenly the loudspeaker crackles with a voice that just can't wait
You then sit waiting expectantly, just a little bit on edge

For the certain piercing screech of the office fire alarm
It is warning you to leave, so that you'll stay out of harm
Yet you stubbornly stay put, continue working at your desk
Because you know that this is just merely a test

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