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Alex Daydream


Biography of Alex Daydream

Hey: -) I'm Alex. I'm fifteen. I live in South Wales. I am one of the most colourful and creative people in the world, but be warned, I am also seriously messed up. My entire life revolves around my dreams (literally - if it wasn't for my dreams I wouldn't be here today) . I want to change the world, be a writer, have a family and travel. Most of all, I want to inspire people, be happy, and help other people to be happy: -)
I love poetry - it's a great way to express yourself, and I'm lucky because if I have something to say, about literally anything, the words just flow and I can write a whole poem with only one or two crossings-out, in ten minutes or so. I love that, because sometimes you just have to get what you want to say down on paper, and if I took ages to write a poem, I'd forget what I wanted to say. Updates

Lonely Because Of You

I don't want to pplay
Your stupid games
You stalk my steps
And call me names
You kill me inside
And I refuse to cry
Won't give you satisfaction
But my smile is a lie
When I can't get to sleep

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