Treasure Island

Alex Fischer

(01/10/1992 / North Little Rock, Arkansas)

Biography of Alex Fischer

Alex Fischer started writing in the 8th Grade with short stories on a comical character called Agent 009 Handgun. Mostly using these for stories that had to be written for class, he never once thought that writing would be something he was interested in. By the 10th Grade he entered the world of poetry, and realized how much he adored it. After finishing a year of college at USF (University of South Florida) and second year at IRSC (Indian River State College) , Alex continues to write poetry and short stories, and even is working on a book and a play. In his seemingly long six years of writing he has written well over 100 poems and over a dozen short stories. Even though he does not believe himself to be a very good poet, many of his friends and family say otherwise. Updates

The Goat

I awake to a noise just outside my door
Some kind of knocking, the knocking of horns on my door
“What is the beast knocking on my door, knocking on my door with its horns? ” asked I
The beast did not reply
“Answer me I say! What beast disturbs me during the darkness of my days? ! ”
No answer came forth from the beast
“Do you mock me you vile fiend! I’ll let you in if you answer me! ”
I swung, and I flung, and I threw open the door, only to reveal a Goat
Only to reveal a Goat who Quoth “S

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