Treasure Island

Alexandra robert

(10/04/1994 / toronto, ontario)

Biography of Alexandra robert

I am 16 year's old, I have been writing since I was 9 year's old and I allow myself to escape in my writing and to let my emotions leave my body. To me writing allows me to release all of the negitive thought's in my mind.In my free time I work on my poems, song's and my short stories.In my school life I get straight B's and I have little to no friend's, at school I normally stay to myself for I do not like talking to people besides my friend's. Two of my teacher's enjoy my wrighting and say I may have a future as a author.I have 6 book's on the go and I am working on another. My mom and my dad split up when I was 6 months old Updates

Cat eyes

Blue cat eye's,
like an ocean,
hyptonizing a mere mortal,
encouraging one to love,
fight or lie,
they may turn into a friery depth,
in just a flash
and yet the owner of the eye's
is loved but also is feared
can these eye's belong to a humen at all


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