Ali Sabry

[Romantic Poet Ali Sabry] (11/8/1988 / Iraq - Baghdad)

Biography of Ali Sabry

Ali Sabry poet

Full Name: Ali Ayoob Sabry Khaleel Mahmoud Al-Zahawii.
Nationality: IRAQI Kurdish

From Kurdistan Region Of Iraq-Province Of Erbil

Birthday: 11-August-1988 in Iraq-Baghdad.

Spoken Languages:
Arabic - English - Turkish - Kurdish

Finished the high school in Iraq - Baghdad in 2007.

Information Technology Solutions Engineer.

Studded in many places and in many international academies to build my skills and have a good certifications for the future.

Passed all the exams and I got all these international certifications from USA:

Microsoft Certified Professional.
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

Have appreciation letters from the United Nations UN/UNRWA.

Have appreciation from Exxon Mobil Energy Company on of the biggest oil company in the world.

Completed the training course in Business Management in the Syrian European Business Training Center.

Completed the training course in the Arch. design program Auto desk Auto Cad version 2010 2D-3D in the New Horizons Computers Learning Centers.

Writing poems is one of my hobbies but it was because of my loving a beautiful girl she live so far from me and I like her so much, So I started writing all these poems specially to her cause I love her so much from all my heart, I became very famous poet in whole the world because of my loving her so much from all my heart but with all my sadness she don’t know what I feel here deep inside my injured heart cause all my loving to her it was from only one side with all my sadness so simply she don’t feel in my suffering.

But at the end she left me simply and she dropped me in the dust.

Ali Sabry's Works:

'To My Favorite Girlfriend With My Love'

'My Poems To My Wonderful Beautiful Princess'
'That She Is In My Heart Forever In Whole My Life'


• My wonderful princess you have an angel face and very beautiful eyes like an angel eyes I had never seen like them in whole the world.
• I will still love you forever in all my life, because you are my first love and last love in the entire world my love and I will never forget you for all my life.
• If she is told to me I love you, I say to her I need you my love.
• I am always every day taking my light & my cosines from your sun my love.
• Human without love like a body without soul.

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