Ali Sabry

Gold Star - 4,863 Points [Romantic Poet Ali Sabry™] (11/08/1988 / Iraq - Baghdad)

Ali Sabry Poems

1. A Better Tomorrow 4/2/2016
2. A Blue Star In Your Eyes 4/2/2016
3. A Brand New Day 4/2/2016
4. A Breathtaking Fantasy 4/2/2016
5. A Dreamer Of Dreams 4/2/2016
6. Absence 4/2/2016
7. A Cute Poem For A Cute Girl 4/2/2016
8. A Fine Romance 4/2/2016
9. A Gentle Touch 4/2/2016
10. A Gorgeous Pleasant Surprise 4/2/2016
11. A Heart Of Stone 4/2/2016
12. A Knight In Shining Armor 4/2/2016
13. A New Life Was Waiting 4/2/2016
14. A Wish 4/2/2016
15. All Because Of You 4/2/2016
16. All Dreamers Understand 4/2/2016
17. All I Can't Say 4/2/2016
18. All I Have To Give 4/2/2016
19. All I See Is You 4/2/2016
20. All My Heart 4/2/2016
21. All My Life 4/2/2016
22. All Of You 4/2/2016
23. All Over Again 4/2/2016
24. A Loving Peace From You 4/2/2016
25. Always 4/2/2016
26. Always And Forever 4/2/2016
27. As I Write 4/2/2016
28. Antidote 4/2/2016
29. A Million Times 4/2/2016
30. A Moment To Remember 4/2/2016
31. Am I Crazy Or Is This Love? 4/2/2016
32. Angel From Heaven 4/2/2016
33. An Angel's Crime 4/2/2016
34. Angel From Above 4/2/2016
35. An Angel To Me 4/2/2016
36. An Enslaved Love 4/2/2016
37. Angel And Her Lover 4/2/2016
38. Angel Divine 4/2/2016
39. Angel From Above. 4/2/2016
40. Angel Of My Life 4/2/2016
Best Poem of Ali Sabry

Yesterday I Was Walking Alone On The Road

Yesterday I was walking alone on the road
I was listening to the car noise
& between the car lights I was seeing your face
Your picture it's shadow in the dark
Your shadow don't need lights to be visible
Cause all of you is lights
You are my light of my way
By your eyes I can see
Without you I'm blind
Why you didn't call me whole these long months
Where are you now
Please let me hear your pure voice for once
I know that the fate is to stay far away from each other
What can we do this is it we must accept it
I'm alone
The walls of my room cried...

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Zainab My Lovely Girl

Every time we embrace,
I go to that far away place
When we just walk hand in hand.
I'm in never, never land.

Whenever I look into your eyes,
I begin to get butterflies,
Then my heart skips a beat,
And our lips passionately meet.

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