Alyssa Lynn

Biography of Alyssa Lynn

I'm Alyssa but you can call me Blackbird if you'd like. I'm 18, and I've been writing since I was maybe 12 or 13. I have poems in random places all over. Theres something I find so free about poetry, theres some sort of magic when those words hit the page, as if fairy tales were just some sort of allusion, while on the other hand poetry is my reality. Poetry is home. Carrie Rudzinski is my favorite poet she does spoken word 'Elbows and Dear Stranger' are my favorite by her, she's on youtube if you ever want to check her out. Updates

Counting Sheep

Can’t sleep, won’t sleep scared of what I’ll find when I close my eyes. I’m starting to think I’m not supposed to have someone for me, is that the moral to the story? That’s what I’m finding. I try counting sheep but can’t you see it’s no use?
So fool me, trick me, love me, just to leave me. Don’t try to convince me; don’t bother in trying to sweet talking me. This time the jokes on me, you can prank call someone else for now. Hey you, yeah you, carry on. You managed to make me feel small so c

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