Alyssa Lynn

Alyssa Lynn Poems

1. Conversations With Cardboard 1/16/2010
2. Make Me Wanna 1/31/2010
3. Walking On Glass 1/31/2010
4. Blood Spilled 1/31/2010
5. Metamorphosis 1/31/2010
6. Addiction 1/31/2010
7. Over Exposure 1/31/2010
8. I Believe In Love 1/31/2010
9. Change 1/31/2010
10. He Promised 1/31/2010
11. Here It Goes 1/31/2010
12. Irony 1/31/2010
13. Love Or Sanity 1/31/2010
14. Not Like The Others 1/31/2010
15. Stand Up 1/31/2010
16. Burn This Place Down 2/7/2010
17. Not Existent 2/7/2010
18. Message Without A Bottle 2/8/2010
19. Incomplete 2/8/2010
20. Tug A War 2/8/2010
21. The Secret 2/9/2010
22. Angel White And Devil Red 2/9/2010
23. Issues 2/9/2010
24. Waiting For Escalation 2/23/2010
25. Paper Bag 3/1/2010
26. Tears 3/3/2010
27. Don'T Pretend 3/3/2010
28. Destiny 3/3/2010
29. Not A Swan 3/3/2010
30. The Timeline 3/15/2010
31. We Both Know 1/31/2010
32. Chipped Sidewalks 1/31/2010
33. Skin On Skin 1/31/2010
34. She Said He Said 1/31/2010
35. The Same 2/2/2010
36. Beware 2/2/2010
37. Looking Through A Window 2/2/2010
38. Repeat And Replay 2/2/2010
39. Save Yourself 2/2/2010
40. Temporary 2/2/2010
Best Poem of Alyssa Lynn


Oblivious to what I’m trying to say, yeah you’re oblivious. I want to scream cuz I have feelings for you, but you act like your too blind to feel it too. I feel so dumb for even wanting anything…and you’re the one to blame tricking me, making me think you feel the same.
Dumb girl don’t go thinking he doesn’t feel the same, yeah your being a dumb girl, I swear some days he can’t even remember your name. “What am I supposed to do? ” Dumb girl stop, stop. Get the boy out of your head, doesn’t matter cuz all the lines are all read. You gotta give the rest of em a chance, stupid girl, high ...

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Counting Sheep

Can’t sleep, won’t sleep scared of what I’ll find when I close my eyes. I’m starting to think I’m not supposed to have someone for me, is that the moral to the story? That’s what I’m finding. I try counting sheep but can’t you see it’s no use?
So fool me, trick me, love me, just to leave me. Don’t try to convince me; don’t bother in trying to sweet talking me. This time the jokes on me, you can prank call someone else for now. Hey you, yeah you, carry on. You managed to make me feel small so c

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