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[AmanArora] (28 March 1993 / New Delhi)

Biography of Amann Aroraa

Aman Arora, born and brought up in Delhi, aspiring to be a professional writer. I picked up writing at school and generally learned by practicing it.
Poetry or any form of writing is a medium to communicate, to express and we all depend on communication for our development as human beings. I believe in strengthening this communication and poetry is a great tool to express one's ideas and views. It is a tool used since the past by great servants of men who with the power of their pen guided man to walk the road to progress. I want to contribute to the immortal ocean of literature.
I am enjoying poetry and am learning, still far away from where I want to be. If you are willing, be my co-passenger in my journey. Updates

I still need you

On nights darker than others,
My anxiousness succeeds my goodwill
Like an afraid kid, bullied by mean folks,
I lie on my bed, uneasy, unstill.

I wonder around the house to find a mean
For satisfying the unreasonable quest.
I finish my tour outside your room,
Where I stand with a renewed zest.

[Hata Bildir]