Ameed Taha

Biography of Ameed Taha

My name is Ameed Taha. Im 16 years old and I live in Israel. I chose poetry as a salvation from my loneliness and hatred that have made my life blurry. I am not a good poet. But, I promise you that I put my feelings into what I write and I promise that youll feel even a bit of it. If youre not fond with my or my writings, then pardon me. I understand people have their own opinions and I respect yours!
Please, enjoy reading my poems for they carry out what I truly feel. Also, if you can, please comment and rate. Updates

When I Am Blind

I walk from light to dark...
With no love inside me to spark...

I exist but not live, as all I do is move and obey
I'm the lost ship in the ocean, with no home or bay

Drown in hatred, with blind eyes seeing darkness only
Hated, deserted, and rejected as I am lonely

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