Ameed Taha

Poems of Ameed Taha

1. FML 7/26/2012
2. Just Hatred 6/3/2013
3. Life Oh Life 9/28/2012
4. Life Oh Life... 9/28/2012
5. My Hatred 7/30/2013
6. My life 7/14/2012
7. No Title... 4/22/2013
8. The Evolution-tangled Mortality. 2/1/2014
9. The Forsaken (version 2) 7/28/2013
10. When I am blind 7/14/2012

My life

I stand there, confused as I am blind, I ask myself
What medecine shall heal my life?
For I am here rising against my death alone, as I die slowly.
I look around, seeking the word love, on this battlefield of life
I look, I find nothing, but hatred, scattered all over, like blood
Why? Why hate, when us are made of the same flesh, same bones, as we drink, eat and breath the same thing, we are bred
to unite, to hold our hands, with love, and clear of hate, why would we love not? ... I talk,

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