Amera Andersen

Rookie (12/03/81 / New Jersey)

Biography of Amera Andersen

I'm a formal poet and have written in more than 50 poetic forms. I am the creator of the Shadow Sonnet. Form source:

I also have used the pen name: Amera Eileithyia

I hope you enjoy my poetry and find the tools that I have compiled useful. Most of my poetry is composed in accepted forms but you may find a Free Verse poem or two here. Most of my work is posted on

Amera is a classically-self-taught poet, award-winning author, social-butterfly and Renaissance thinker who leads from the heart toward a world of unlimited possibilities, She believes every person is worthy of being loved and deserves know and explore their own unique and beautiful talent. She believes that poetry is a gift and with help and support from other poets that gift can be perfected and carry the art to a new level. Updates


On island cliffs of Ogygia I stand
Awaiting tall ships; approaching the land
Enchanting the mariners with a song
As I lull them to sleep, before the long

Be condemned to an absent existence
Sealing wax, be ye only resistance
So if by thy troth my music ye loved
And lashed to the mast so that ye be gloved

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