Ana Lia Zaldivar

Rookie (March 1,1994 / Honduras)

Biography of Ana Lia Zaldivar

Ana Lia Zaldivar poet

Well I'm a fifteen year old girl.. I live in Honduras, San Pedro Sula. Since I was 13 I fell in love with my best friend, and it came out he was also in love with me... we both had this amazing relationship, even with the families.. But then after two years things started to change.. we chose different ways, and well it is one of the worst experiences I have ever had, his lust... But even though all this happened, he is still my best friend, so all of these inspired me to write, and it also guide me to grow up to learn how to live life, and not regret but learn.. now my poems are just a way of running away from my feelings... just thoughts.. Updates

Real Beauty

Beauty begins to shine whenever it is discovered,
but it hides from those who want it just to full fill their need of power,
from those who think is just a ''who has the most'' game,
and from those who cant appreciate it and take care of it.

Real beauty lies in a heart,
visible only for the ones that are capable of naming it
as the most invaluable, sacred thing on eart,
taking care of it with their own hearts.

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