Anand Dixit

Rookie (01-01-1975 / Bangalore)

Biography of Anand Dixit

Hi, I am a very serious, introverted guy who lives in his own shell. I don't believe in pseudo societies we have created and living in. I don't like humans, and I don't like to meet them. The more u meet them, the more expectations, the more ideas, the more pretenses u are bombarded with. I cant live them, I cant leave without them. I am having a symbiotic relation with them. Cheers, Happy Writing Updates

Lamentation Of Nibiru

I cannot breath; my lungs are on fire,
I am dying, Please help me, please save me,
Oh Great Anunnaki, I am dying
Please save me, please save yourselves

My children are fighting, pulling me down
They are fighting, I am dying
Oh great Anunnaki, Oh great Nudimmud
Please save me, please save yourselves

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