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Ananda Adhikari


Biography of Ananda Adhikari

''I am, who I am''. I am just a simple young guy, who sometime make people laugh as well cry. I am not an smart or ordinary guy as other. I am just who I am, with my own personality of simple living, high thinking. Sometime I am kind of boring person because I get mad and angry allot but, I am trying to be nice and peaceful. When I was a child I was number one stupid and crazy kid in my whole town and school. I have only few fans so, I feel lonely sometime. I wanna do many things in my life but some of them are already became broken dreams. I don't wanna be like I was in my childhood anymore because I am adult right now. I am trying my best to depend on myself, do my own best as I can and plan my career. I love to make friend's and hang around with them. I never had a girlfriend but I had a crush on someone when I was in Small Heaven School. I am not a smart guy so, who is gonna be girlfriend? The girl whom I like, really don't like me because of my bad attitudes. I was addicted in love with her but I tried to forget her. Right now, I am so happy because I am not in love with any one except myself. I have my best friend Tejendra Kandel, who is like my one part of my heart. My VIP persons of my my life are my Aunt Yanu Maya, my mum and My teacher/friend Mr. Ram Datta Bhatta. Even if I am not smart or ordinary I am one of the luckiest person in the world. Because of my luck, I am in U.S right now and I have many dreams that I wanna success in my lifetime. I wish I would have a nice home and small but happy family in future. I really wanna be good citizen of a country, good father of someone, good husband of someone, good neighbor of someone and good son of someone.

Ananda Adhikari's Works:

My first English poem called'Few Questions' with Nepali translation has been published in a simple book from my ESL class teacher Mrs. Hodorogea in Walled Lake Western High School, MI, USA. Updates


Why can't I stop my tears which are falling continuously from my eyes?
Why can't I get chance to make my soul true when it tells lies?
Why can't I stop forgetting someone who is in the inner part of my heart?
Why can't I raise my life time which is too short?

Why can't I stop the time which is running ahead itself?
Why can't I trim my anger towards myself?
Why can't I stop to go to the dreaming world, where someone is waiting for me?
Why can't I create a new heaven in this beaut

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