Treasure Island

Andy Carl

Poems of Andy Carl

1. A Prayer... My Prayer 2/17/2009
2. Discontentment 2/25/2009
3. Failure? I Doubt It.... 3/8/2009
4. Silly Robot... Choice Is For Humans 2/20/2009
5. The American Epidemic 1/27/2008
6. The Dancer 1/27/2008
7. The Earth is Still in Motion 1/27/2008
8. The Tree of Waking Life 3/30/2009
9. True God 1/27/2008
10. Were You Also Dreaming? 3/5/2009

True God

You think you've found God, but you're far off
He ain't hidin' in that little book.
He's right between your furrowed brow.
The reason why, the way, the how.

It'll never really fully be
understood or plain to see
but open your mind and close your ears
listen to you heart and forget your fears.

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