Angelic Warrior

Biography of Angelic Warrior

I'm down to earth...its what i love and live for...the trees that sprout from the ground or the water that falls from the sky..i love it all: D! i don't live in the city...because i like nature...i like being able to see the stars clearly at night :)

i can definitely say that even though I'm on the internet, the natural world is a lot more beautiful then the one made by man: D

That is my view on life: D
And...i'm in love with the most amazing man to ever exist! Updates


So cold, I can not breath

So tired, I want to give in

So sad, I don't know what to say

Why does life crumble before my eyes?

The consistency of water,
I can't pick it back up

Doors always shoved in my face,
I feel hollow

Cold and Dark

Lonely and Forlorn


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