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Biography of Anna Writer

Anna Writer poet

Being born is hard, to die is easy but to live is the hardest of all. I write for the simplest reason, to write is to love. Life is love and I love to write, my life is writing. I write stories of all kinds including FanFiction, as well as poems and songs (although I cannot sing) .
I was born Anneabeth Adelaide Writer. I often am referred to as Anne Writer or A. Writer; and yes I do get the joke.
A writer named A.Writer. But one must always remember;
Don’t think inside the box, or even outside it, think on it.

Anna Writer's Works:

None yet to my name, but there is time yet to murder and create. Updates


A rose is pure contradiction.
Sweet scents and lovely colours.
Each rose unique, delicate and fine.
Yet a contradiction nonetheless.
A rose has thorns.
Sharp like daggers, grown from vines poisonous to the touch.
Roots that wind and steal;
Gluttonous and greedy.
A rose is a devil in disguise,

[Hata Bildir]