Anne Jones

(New Jersey)

Poems of Anne Jones

1. A Random Breath of Fresh Air 8/14/2011
2. A Small Piece of Metal 7/20/2011
3. Cutting to Release 7/22/2011
4. I Feel Alone 7/20/2011
5. I Hear The Beat 7/15/2011
6. Panic Sets In 7/25/2011
7. Peaceful in The Darkness 7/20/2011
8. She Will Return 8/30/2011
9. Sounds of Nature 7/17/2011
10. Standing on a Battlefield 7/30/2011
11. Teardrops of Rain 8/6/2011
12. Tears of Lonliness 7/15/2011
13. The Angel in You 8/3/2011
14. The Road I Travel 8/6/2011
15. This Is a Happy Place 7/17/2011
16. What Is Love? 7/19/2011
17. Who Are You? 7/17/2011

Sounds of Nature

As I sit outside I take in all the sights and sounds of nature and my surroundings
It is hot and humid my clothing sticks to my body
The rays of the sun hit my face letting my skin feel the heat
A warm but steady breeze blows off and on making the branches of trees sway back and forth
Birds fly by singing their song of sweet tweets and chirps
Some gather in groups while others fly alone

I hear the chatter of conversation in the distance
Laughter of children showing excitement before jum

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