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I am not the professional singer Anne Murray from Canada. I love her voice, and songs. I know most of them by heart.I have sung them for years. I wish I could sing them as well as she does! At one time, we even sort of looked somewhat alike. But alas, I am not her, my name is Patricia Anne Murray. I go by the name of Anne Murray. I use 'LadeeAnne for my poetry and blogs.
I was born and raised in Idaho and graduated highschool in Pocatello in 1962. Second of five children. I'm divorced, retired and now live in Omaha, Nebraska. My home is almost 100 years old, full of antiques.
I enjoy decorating, painting, I specialize in wall murals.I'm an avid writer of poetry, articles and blogging.I also enjoy working in my garden. I don't enjoy the cold winters.
I have 3 grown children, who all live in other states and one Granddaughter, My Sweet Marina, who is 9 yrs. wise.
I enjoy writing poems for friends, family, for myself, and...just in general. It's very cathartic, putting words to paper. My poetry, is not always from 'personal experiences'. Some are sad, some are funny.... and some, show the struggles of life in general. Pain of lost love, (we all know that feeling) , humor and pleasant memories.
I always appreciate feedback on my work. It helps at times to improve my writing, knowing what others think.I've never shared my poems with too many people, so be honest with how you see them.
Thank you....... and, I'm looking forward to making new friends here, sharing ideas and poetry and perhaps a few 'giggles'?

ANNE P LadeeAnne MURRAY's Works:

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You Call This Love?

One, cold day in December...
The year was 1996
You walked into my life
Later on, with your kind, blue eyes,
You asked...
'Will you be my wife'?

I didn't listen with my head
My heart did all the talking

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