Anoop Nair


Poems of Anoop Nair

1. A Gem Called Bahrain 3/13/2013
2. Dream Of A Secret Lover 3/11/2013
3. I Like My Friend 3/9/2013
4. Paradise Island 4/24/2014
5. Terrific Trio 3/28/2013
6. The Four Letter Magical Word 3/10/2013

Dream Of A Secret Lover

Let me see your eyes from the Burj Khalifa vantage point
Let me see you from my bird's eye view at the kumbh Mela stampede
Let me look down from Jungfraujoch and find you
Let me dream both of us waiting in the long line in front of Eifel Tower
Let me enjoy this reverie of us sky walking at the Grand Canyon

Let us dream again and go to Amsterdam and pluck some Tulip flowers
Let me take you to Times Square for Crystal Ball Drop
Let me take you in front of Geneva Lake and eat some Movenpic

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