Treasure Island

Anoop Nair


Poems of Anoop Nair

1. A Gem Called Bahrain 3/13/2013
2. Dream Of A Secret Lover 3/11/2013
3. I Like My Friend 3/9/2013
4. Paradise Island 4/24/2014
5. Terrific Trio 3/28/2013
6. The Four Letter Magical Word 3/10/2013

A Gem Called Bahrain

Oh Bahrain, the small beauty
Why not this regime treats everyone equal
I wish to be at this fancy country when democracy is restored
Uncle Sam and Westerners turn blind eye to distress civilians
Oh little island, why even UN is acting like a eunuch

You will defeat this dictatorship and overthrow the government
You will protect your women from government's political rape
As Arab Spring sweeping through most of the Arab World

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