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121. Parents Need To Be Attuned To Such Unique Gifts And Abilities In Their Children, 8/26/2013
122. Part Of Me, All Of Me 10/20/2012
123. People With Dyslexia Are Not Imprison By The Limits Impose My The Rules And Laws Of Language. 6/2/2015
124. Phoenix 1/31/2012
125. Pick The Right God. 8/18/2011
126. Professional Sports Are The Modern Plantations 2/1/2013
127. Quit Looking For Your Salvation From The Emotionally Stunted People 11/2/2012
128. Real Love Makes Life 10/29/2012
129. Real Love Unfold 11/11/2012
130. See Through Your Fake And Shallow Personality 6/2/2013
131. Sharpens The Very Sword They Will Fall On 12/10/2012
132. She Taught Me 8/9/2015
133. She Was My Greatest Truth For A While. 8/9/2015
134. Sincerity 11/12/2012
135. Slower Than Slow, Faster Than Fast 9/23/2012
136. So Much 8/7/2012
137. So Much... 7/5/2014
138. So You Think You Can Change A Narcissist. 11/3/2012
139. Some Are Born Into 5/25/2013
140. Some Are Born Into An Environment That Nurtures Their Unfolding Individuality 5/25/2013
141. Some One Posted A Think Positive Hoarse 1/27/2013
142. Someone Who Is Really There For You 10/23/2012
143. Sometimes 6/23/2012
144. Sometimes I Just Want To Be 4/14/2012
145. Sometimes The Higher Does Just What It Does 9/15/2012
146. Sometimes You 9/17/2012
147. Sometimes You Have To Look Away 7/15/2013
148. Sometimes, More And More All Is Right 10/20/2012
149. Sterilization Process Of Our Modern System 9/21/2014
150. Steve Jobs Being Adopted 10/8/2011
151. Storing Experiences 6/9/2013
152. Strange Gravity 8/27/2012
153. Sublime Mind 4/14/2012
154. Such As Winston Churchill's Father 10/23/2012
155. Tenderness And Longing Of My Heart -new- 8/21/2015
156. That Is A Harsh Gravity, 8/26/2012
157. The Force Of My Depth 10/26/2011
158. The Heart Is Larger And Greater Than The Mind 2/28/2013
159. The Karma Of T Is Not The Karma Of C Or D 12/14/2013
160. The Magic Of Life, Like Happiness Is The Byproduct Of 9/8/2012
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You But Not The Real You

We are more then ego;
It is you but not the real you.
Ego is b (be) to C, no where near I yet.

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Discontinuous Existence

We do not die, instead we live a discontinuous existence. This life here, my body, my thoughts, memories, feelings, what I am physically, once this is over it is over. Anything else is just an allusion. When we die it is over, nothing is going to recreate us, make us again. Restore us to what we are. It is over the end. No more. End of story. Final curtain. The dirt sleep. Or is it.

Could not resonances of this life carry over to our next life, be with us in the after life, in the life betwee

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