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121. Slower Than Slow, Faster Than Fast 9/23/2012
122. So Much 8/7/2012
123. So Much... 7/5/2014
124. So You Think You Can Change A Narcissist. 11/3/2012
125. Some Are Born Into 5/25/2013
126. Some Are Born Into An Environment That Nurtures Their Unfolding Individuality 5/25/2013
127. Some One Posted A Think Positive Hoarse 1/27/2013
128. Someone Who Is Really There For You 10/23/2012
129. Sometimes 6/23/2012
130. Sometimes I Just Want To Be 4/14/2012
131. Sometimes The Higher Does Just What It Does 9/15/2012
132. Sometimes You 9/17/2012
133. Sometimes You Have To Look Away 7/15/2013
134. Sometimes, More And More All Is Right 10/20/2012
135. Sterilization Process Of Our Modern System 9/21/2014
136. Steve Jobs Being Adopted 10/8/2011
137. Storing Experiences 6/9/2013
138. Strange Gravity 8/27/2012
139. Sublime Mind 4/14/2012
140. Such As Winston Churchill's Father 10/23/2012
141. That Is A Harsh Gravity, 8/26/2012
142. The Force Of My Depth 10/26/2011
143. The Heart Is Larger And Greater Than The Mind 2/28/2013
144. The Karma Of T Is Not The Karma Of C Or D 12/14/2013
145. The Magic Of Life, Like Happiness Is The Byproduct Of 9/8/2012
146. The Ocean Is More Than Any Oil Spill. 6/2/2013
147. The Self-Destructive Parts Of Us That Are Augmented Out Of Miss Attunement, And Neglect, They Are Greatly Amplified And Exploited While The Healthy And Profound Aspects Of Us This 5/22/2013
148. The Things We Do 4/28/2013
149. Their Own Distortions 5/27/2013
150. There Are Demons That Torment All Of Us 8/10/2011
151. There Is An Essence That Is Us 6/14/2014
152. There Is No Real Way, Sane Way, Healthy Way, 8/27/2012
153. To Give Your Child Room To Be 10/25/2012
154. To My Future Self Now. 9/22/2013
155. Too Many People Act As If God Is Dead 10/21/2012
156. Tthe Abusive Ways People Express Their Sexuality 3/4/2012
157. Unexpected Encounter 8/10/2011
158. Unique Connection With God 9/4/2012
159. Universe Speaks To Us 8/20/2012
160. Very Bright And Warm 10/29/2012
Best Poem of Anthony Cavuoti

My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me

My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me, we all have such moments, all seems hopeless. There is nothing, still we go on, we find a way. If we have done works of the soul, if we have moments before the cross where we where true to our core, those muster seeds will carry our depths, our soul, our life to a new life here or to new lands, to new hope, to more noble fulfilling desires to better more refined worlds to come.

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As You See

As you see, we never die. Change dimension, big transition, faster than prenatal unconscious aware instant. There you are, nice review, what you do, insight for you, light forever, yet beginning anew.

Great love, appreciation, intense feelings, powerful sublime emotion. I do not believe I am the best this time. I will love very strong. This time more discernment, incarnate into less anxiety.

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