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161. Real Love Makes Life 10/29/2012
162. Real Love Unfold 11/11/2012
163. Real Self 11/10/2015
164. Reifies A Deeper Portion Of Our Individual Subjective Depths, That Resonate In Us For Eternity. 11/10/2015
165. See Through Your Fake And Shallow Personality 6/2/2013
166. Sharpens The Very Sword They Will Fall On 12/10/2012
167. She Is Beautiful, Lovely And Far Beyond The Norm 10/16/2015
168. She Taught Me 8/9/2015
169. She Was Closer To My Own Self And Farther Then A Star -new- 11/26/2015
170. She Was My Greatest Truth For A While. 8/9/2015
171. She Was Real With Me, 11/3/2015
172. She'll Be Safer That Way, Right! 10/16/2015
173. Sincerity 11/12/2012
174. Slower Than Slow, Faster Than Fast 9/23/2012
175. Smaller Than A Mustard Seed -new- 11/15/2015
176. Snuggled Tightly 11/11/2015
177. So Much 8/7/2012
178. So Much... 7/5/2014
179. So You Think You Can Change A Narcissist. 11/3/2012
180. Some Are Born Into 5/25/2013
181. Some Are Born Into An Environment That Nurtures Their Unfolding Individuality 5/25/2013
182. Some One Posted A Think Positive Hoarse 1/27/2013
183. Someone Who Is Really There For You 10/23/2012
184. Sometimes 6/23/2012
185. Sometimes I Just Want To Be 4/14/2012
186. Sometimes The Higher Does Just What It Does 9/15/2012
187. Sometimes You 9/17/2012
188. Sometimes You Have To Look Away 7/15/2013
189. Sometimes, More And More All Is Right 10/20/2012
190. Sterilization Process Of Our Modern System 9/21/2014
191. Steve Jobs Being Adopted 10/8/2011
192. Storing Experiences 6/9/2013
193. Strange Gravity 8/27/2012
194. Sublime Mind 4/14/2012
195. Such As Winston Churchill's Father 10/23/2012
196. Take Root In Your Soul, Not In Others Issues. 10/16/2015
197. Tenderness And Longing Of My Heart 8/21/2015
198. That Is A Harsh Gravity, 8/26/2012
199. The Force Of My Depth 10/26/2011
200. The Good Intentions, Our Innocent Desires To Be Heard And To Hear -new- 11/17/2015
Best Poem of Anthony Cavuoti

You But Not The Real You

We are more then ego;
It is you but not the real you.
Ego is b (be) to C, no where near I yet.

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It was 1992, just before the Watts riots, one of the family's on my cases invited me to attend Raymond's party. It was his eighth birthday. Many scenes from this party stand out in my mind, in a way such are in time capsules that expand in time while compressing it at the same time. Well the children, the girl children were playing in the small fr

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