Anthony Cavuoti

Anthony Cavuoti Poems

161. Tenderness And Longing Of My Heart 8/21/2015
162. That Is A Harsh Gravity, 8/26/2012
163. The Force Of My Depth 10/26/2011
164. The Heart Is Larger And Greater Than The Mind 2/28/2013
165. The Karma Of T Is Not The Karma Of C Or D 12/14/2013
166. The Magic Of Life, Like Happiness Is The Byproduct Of 9/8/2012
167. The Ocean Is More Than Any Oil Spill. 6/2/2013
168. The Self-Destructive Parts Of Us That Are Augmented Out Of Miss Attunement, And Neglect, They Are Greatly Amplified And Exploited While The Healthy And Profound Aspects Of Us This 5/22/2013
169. The Things We Do 4/28/2013
170. Their Own Distortions 5/27/2013
171. There Are Demons That Torment All Of Us 8/10/2011
172. There Is An Essence That Is Us 6/14/2014
173. There Is No Real Way, Sane Way, Healthy Way, 8/27/2012
174. Through Each Setback We Summons More Of The Depths Of Ourselves, 9/17/2015
175. To Give Your Child Room To Be 10/25/2012
176. To My Future Self Now. 9/22/2013
177. Too Many People Act As If God Is Dead 10/21/2012
178. Tthe Abusive Ways People Express Their Sexuality 3/4/2012
179. Undoing Me So Deliciously 8/2/2015
180. Unexpected Encounter 8/10/2011
181. Unique Connection With God 9/4/2012
182. Universe Speaks To Us 8/20/2012
183. Very Bright And Warm 10/29/2012
184. Wanting To Speak 12/11/2012
185. Was A Place 8/20/2012
186. Water Your Muster Seed 9/21/2013
187. We Are Love Is 9/20/2012
188. We Are Flexible And Alive, 10/21/2012
189. We Are Life 4/7/2015
190. We Are Not Machines 6/27/2013
191. We Cannot Afford More Of This Modern Day Rome 11/6/2012
192. We Did Not Travel Through Universes Of Time Simply To Be Well-Adjusted Good Consumers 5/2/2013
193. We Enjoy Each Others Hiding Places For A While 4/7/2015
194. We Go From 8/21/2012
195. We Have A Tendency To Ridicule And Attack One Another Harshly On The Deepest Levels 11/7/2012
196. We Have Powers, Abilities, Gifts That Only We Know Of, 8/26/2013
197. We Promised The Light, 4/21/2013
198. What Did You Come Here To See 5/14/2013
199. What Good Is Freedom 11/19/2012
200. What Is It That We Experience 8/17/2011
Best Poem of Anthony Cavuoti

You But Not The Real You

We are more then ego;
It is you but not the real you.
Ego is b (be) to C, no where near I yet.

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She Taught Me

She taught me not to be afraid of myself, of my nature, to really not care about what others think. Her wild live embracing madness freed me from the suffocating madness of the cowards normality of those that take refuge in standard bearing socially defined roles of maturity and normality.

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