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Anthony Cavuoti Poems

161. Loved Her So 12/5/2015
162. Lovely Heart Break 11/26/2015
163. Loving Embrace. 3/19/2013
164. Marooned 12/30/2012
165. Match 9/10/2012
166. Miracles Are A Byproduct Of Many Thing 2/25/2013
167. Miracles Really Do Happen; I Am Not Talking Abstractly Or Metaphysically. 1/11/2013
168. Mirages Of Lies 6/2/2013
169. Mistake Familiar For Normal 6/23/2012
170. Misunderstandings On The Heart 11/17/2015
171. More Assertive And Gentler 9/17/2015
172. More Authentic Life 2/27/2016
173. More Of Life As We Go On. 2/1/2014
174. Most Are Prisoners In Their Limited Perceptions 2/25/2013
175. My Attention Again 5/1/2013
176. My Desire 12/1/2015
177. My Father Has Been Dyeing On Me For Years Even Though He Is Healthy And Alive. 8/20/2012
178. My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me 9/11/2012
179. My Heart Yearns 3/31/2013
180. My Unclear Subjective Emerging I 5/19/2015
181. Narcissism Is The New Normal. 9/20/2015
182. Narcissism. 12/14/2015
183. No Matter 12/27/2015
184. No Matter How Far We Are Apart Physically Or Emotionally. 12/19/2015
185. No Matter How Good Or Painful 11/4/2012
186. No Matter Where You Are I Am Always With You 1/8/2013
187. No Wonder Why Emotions, Feelings, Violence And Love Become Interfused 3/22/2013
188. None 9/2/2012
189. Not You At All 9/1/2012
190. Now That She Is Gone 11/11/2015
191. Now That She's Long Gone I Understand Her Now More Than Ever. 12/10/2015
192. On The Inside 11/9/2012
193. On The Service 8/13/2011
194. Once More 8/9/2011
195. One God Cares For You, The Other Is So Great He Could Careless 8/18/2011
196. Only Perpetrators Think Them Selves Queen Or King 6/2/2013
197. Orientation 12/20/2015
198. Our The Core Of The Forces That Shape To You. 12/11/2015
199. Our Truth. 11/10/2015
200. Outer Layers 2/21/2016
Best Poem of Anthony Cavuoti

You But Not The Real You

We are more then ego;
It is you but not the real you.
Ego is b (be) to C, no where near I yet.

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Discontinuous Existence

We do not die, instead we live a discontinuous existence. This life here, my body, my thoughts, memories, feelings, what I am physically, once this is over it is over. Anything else is just an allusion. When we die it is over, nothing is going to recreate us, make us again. Restore us to what we are. It is over the end. No more. End of story. Final curtain. The dirt sleep. Or is it.

Could not resonances of this life carry over to our next life, be with us in the after life, in the life betwee

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