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Anthony Edmond John Poems

1. Mild Strings Of Jazz In Writing 6/1/2008
2. The Princesses Hiv And Aids Do Speak, Listen 6/1/2008
3. The Kolanut 6/6/2008
4. Welcome To The World Of This Certain King 6/6/2008
5. The Metamorphose..Life, Like A Dream 6/10/2008
6. For The Very Taste Of Kings... 6/10/2008
7. The Very Words Your Morrow Was Just Waiting For....! ! ! 6/14/2008
8. Ode To Harlem 6/14/2008
9. The Warrior's Many Songs Yet Unsung 6/14/2008
10. My Humble Ode To This Sweet Palm Wine 6/14/2008
11. Snow White's Synergy 8/9/2008
12. Tommorrow's Energy Source 8/11/2008
13. Aha...To My Gangan And Ekpe Percussion-Land Spirit-Talks. 7/18/2008
14. Another Two Lines Or More And You Are Free To Slumber... 8/29/2008
15. Another Synched Synergy 9/1/2008
16. Aha To Honour Our Sweethearted Leria Hawkins, This Quail Didst Screech. 9/2/2008
17. Another One To Salute The Sage... 9/14/2008
18. Aha! To Honour The Sage, What Thick Waistlines Shall We Not Shake... 9/14/2008
19. Saliency Has Gathered This Much Strength 9/14/2008
20. The Shorter My Words The Sweeter 9/14/2008
21. We 'The Imperial' Spiritforms Salute Sidi Mahtrow 9/17/2008
22. This One Sings To Mother Earth 9/24/2008
23. At Last An Ode To Amasa 9/24/2008
24. These Sights Are Heavy 10/5/2008
25. Nature's Ode 10/5/2008
26. Its A Good Thing These Lines Shall Outlive Your Lightyears 10/25/2008
27. Truelly Truelly 12/1/2008
28. His Royal Seduction 12/2/2008
29. To Your Salient Honour Oh Mother Nature 12/4/2008
30. The Sage's Ode To Lagos City, Our Megacity... 2/20/2009
31. Twice Deep..Our Passion 4/22/2009
32. Another Edge To This Bottle 4/22/2009
33. Ode From Atlantis 5/21/2012
34. Adrift 8/5/2012
35. Intense 9/19/2012
36. The Re~emergence 9/19/2012
37. Ode From These Heights That Yonder 9/19/2012
38. Cool Sunday Evenings 9/23/2012
39. Vamping On These Single Worded Chords 9/23/2012
40. Busy Writing, I Forgot About Love 9/24/2012
Best Poem of Anthony Edmond John

The Love Of My Life

You breathed down on me,
For I believe the heavens smiled down on me,
Making life itself a happy field,
True to my dreams I have eaten of God's heavenly yield,
Trying to imagine life without You,
It would really mean life insane.

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Proudly African

I am Black, Am Proud,
Not slack, but Smart,
As intelligent as Any Caucasian,
Africa gave life to other continents,
Let’s say She is the Cradle of Civilization.

You can’t underrate me, calling me a backlog for I
Know that I am an Absolute Specimen,

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