Treasure Island

Arlene Dery

(1954 / Salem, OR)

Biography of Arlene Dery

I have lived in the Salem, OR area all my life. I love the beauty of Oregon. The mountains, lakes, rivers, parks and the Pacific Ocean is about an hour away from where I live. I once was away from Oregon for four long months. I longed terribly for the vivid green, the burst of rainbow colors that envelops the
country-side, and the towering snow tipped mountains. There's no place I'd rather be, this side of heaven. Updates

Where Does My Love Go

When I haven't seen your face,
Or felt the warmth of your embrace,
When you are but a thought,
Just a vision I have sought.
The love I feel, I need to know,
Where does my love go?
My love may ride the whirling wind,
But does it reach you in the end?
Can you feel love in the breeze,

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