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Biography of Arron Fowler

I am new to writing poems and i am looking forward to posting my work on this website. I am looking to find new poets myself and develop my skills as i am just starting off. If anybody has advice i would love to hear it.My poems are going to be about everything. I am going to write about my mood of the day, my past and life experiences to even random things i see. I hope my writing skills get a lot better and who knows i may become a good poet.

I feel i have a lot i need to get off my chest and i think poetry may be my way off expressing all of this.

Thank you and i hope you enjoy Updates

The Sad Poem

Come save me my darling I am so lost.
Head's spinning backwards and forwards.
All I see Is darkness no room for the light.
When beauty is wrong and ugly is right.
Sleep for hours but still feel exhausted
Body's fed up it don''t want to work.
Minds playing games, who's laughing at me.
My figure, my skin, my insecurity.

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