Arthur V. Miller III

Rookie (04/19/1992 / Mother Earth)

Biography of Arthur V. Miller III

Arthur V. Miller III poet

I am the third in my family to have the name Arthur Miller... I do not only write poems, I just write anything that I feel. Hey I'm a writer, a romantic, a artist, hell I'm a prodigy and I think all people are equal regardless of what you are' We are all humans in the end'. I live by that code.

Arthur V. Miller III's Works:

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Living For The Glory

It’s kind of funny how life changes directions when you have something to live for. Yet haters steady hating on you because they can never have what you got, now they trying to bring you down, Damn Jealousy its powerful emotion to flow on, I hate a hater, but I couldn’t be a player hater.

Steady flowing through the sky with my wings spread wide while my haters looking up to the sky, I’m asking myself is this death or life cause I’m seeing myself in the sky, but feel as I’m six feet deep, buri

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