Aryabod Siharyvani

Rookie - 0 Points [The Rebel Rat] (1983 / Damascus)

Aryabod Siharyvani Poems

1. My Friend Shadow 11/29/2008
2. My Land 11/29/2008
3. Holy Tale Of Immigrant Women 11/29/2008
4. Queen In My Homeland 11/29/2008
5. Home Land....What I Do 11/29/2008
6. Is There A Hope 11/29/2008
7. Is This Call Pain 11/29/2008
8. Loving You 1/9/2009
9. Hay You...This Is The New Reallty 1/10/2009
10. Be With Me 1/10/2009
11. Culpable Pleasure (Tribute To Cleopatra Queen Of My Time) 1/10/2009
12. Sell My Soul To The Evil Beacuse Of You 1/10/2009
13. Eternity Rain 1/16/2009
14. Untitled 1/16/2009
15. Story Of My Land 1/18/2009
16. Darkness 11/29/2008
17. Mind Chaos 12/1/2008
18. Glomy Moon Gloomy Life..? ? ? 1/9/2009
19. Don'T Think You Ever Know P1 1/9/2009
20. This Is My Homeland (Proud To Be Persian) 1/18/2009
21. Republic Of God 1/18/2009
22. Lie P2 (Don'T Think You Ever Know P1) 1/31/2009
23. For Life Love You 10/5/2009
24. Sad Moments Without You 10/6/2009
25. Sweet Distraction 10/7/2009
26. Freedump 6/7/2011
27. Re-Born 5/7/2012
28. Rebel In Love 5/18/2012
29. She Is Wating 11/16/2012
30. Love Fist 1/18/2013
31. Once I Was Knight 3/17/2013
32. Wondering 3/17/2013
33. Stupid Pretending 3/18/2013
34. Sorrow Journey 3/18/2013
35. Experience Crazness 3/19/2013
36. Ark Wisdom 3/21/2013
37. Life, Charge And The Death 3/25/2013
38. Whisky Of Silence 3/30/2013
39. Graveyard Mindless 4/2/2013
40. Anatolian Twist 4/11/2013
Best Poem of Aryabod Siharyvani

Time Of War

forget the coloring
but don't forget to say goodbye
good bye for the good matters
good bye for the colorful world

in time of war forget about books
in war there going to be a new melody
because war write new note in history

in time of war there no more humans
with new ugly faces and souls
painted with new war colors

in this time every thing painted
painted with your fancy color
the red fancy color of war

in time of war read more about love
teach you self because all masters are dead
color yours room ...

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My Friend Shadow

he standing next to my window staring at me
with tear in the eye and lost hope that he want to say his last goodbye
beyond his tear there is a fear there is terror with malice and hate
his shadow still staring at me fallowing me want to tell me the secrets of eternity
i keep away running away am so afraid
the shadow want to tell me the lesson of about the life under the grave
the life after the dead
standing a step from me with beseeching me to listen to his pain
to his life wisdom his

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