Atef Ayadi

Atef Ayadi Poems

1441. Your Smell 12/7/2005
1442. Your Soul Mate 9/3/2007
1443. Your Three Doors Are Open 9/2/2008
1444. Zero Gravity 2/21/2006
1445. Zone I: The Republic 7/21/2008
1446. Zone Ii: The World Of Indifferent Gods 7/21/2008
1447. Zone Iii: The World Of Possibilities 7/21/2008
1448. Zone Iv: The Universe Is For Everyone 7/21/2008
1449. Zone Two: I Gotta A Feeling 1/10/2010
1450. Zone Two: I Have What I Asked For 1/11/2010
1451. Zone Two: Le Temps Des Grand Explosions 1/10/2010
1452. Zone Two: A Child Question 1/11/2010
1453. Zone Two: A Normal Day 1/6/2010
1454. Zone Two: Am I A Responsible Lover? 1/10/2010
1455. Zone Two: An Attempt 1/6/2010
1456. Zone Two: Application Layer.... 1/11/2010
1457. Zone Two: Fantesy 1/6/2010
1458. Zone Two: Few Featured Things 1/7/2010
1459. Zone Two: Few Things 1/6/2010
1460. Zone Two: I Will Falow You... Until 1/10/2010
1461. Zone Two: Mon Triplette Est Ma Chanson.... 1/9/2010
1462. Zone Two: My Touchey Toooochi Down Touch Chi Tchi Betci Chi Down... 1/9/2010
1463. Zone Two: Network Layer 1/11/2010
1464. Zone Two: Next Move 1/6/2010
1465. Zone Two: Nothing Can Discribe A Sexie Yo Ho Chee Ik! ! 1/10/2010
1466. Zone Two: Softwar Layer 1/11/2010
1467. Zone Two: What Is About Tomorrow? 1/6/2010
1468. Zone V: The Dying Universe 7/21/2008
1469. שיר שלא פורסם, שם מלא 1/15/2015
1470. 我不是 CHARLIE 1/15/2015
1471. 私は決して後悔しない.... 1/15/2015
Best Poem of Atef Ayadi


My pants
Are falling
Even though I
My belt
since this morning.

I bought
A week ago
For $2.00
Are kicking

Both my pants and the pair of shoes
Are not
A week of pain
I have been going

Read the full of $2.00

Face It

Free your lips
From the daily etiquettes
And the charm of ancient veils
Do not run away
No one runs after drawing ones' fate
Did you ever see
The sea running away from its tides
And hiding behind the shores.

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