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Atty Davis Poems

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2. The Horses Are Coming 11/25/2012
3. She Would Stand 12/5/2012
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6. Wants It All 1/22/2013
7. I Do Not Know 2/1/2013
8. Touched You Today 2/5/2013
9. These Tears In My Eyes 2/13/2013
10. Empty Basin 2/20/2013
11. She Doesn'T Want 2/20/2013
12. Warrior And Snow Princess 2/25/2013
13. American Boy Lullaby 4/30/2012
14. Let The Blood Rush Out 5/10/2012
15. Hips Sway 10/14/2012
16. Drunk In Thought 9/17/2013
17. You Stir In Your Sleep Sweet Child 9/17/2013
18. And I Will Not Cover Myself 9/18/2013
19. Photos Of The Mind 9/28/2013
20. Drink The Sweet Waters 10/14/2013
21. Sands Sift Between My Toes 4/27/2012
22. Those Among You 9/20/2013
23. Are Ya' Doin' Alright? 10/14/2012
24. Spoon Of Life 9/8/2013
25. Go Home Sister Snow 10/14/2012
Best Poem of Atty Davis

Go Home Sister Snow

Snowy little girl with your eyes ice blue
you say a southern belle took your man
And your pride too

You blaimed it on the heat
You blaimed it on the land
I say you should be blaimin'
That no good cheatin' man

But go home sister snow
Go home sister snow
Go home where it drifts
And the wind does blow

Go home sister snow
Take your leave of this
Silly old Lone Star show

Well Texas burned you once
It ain't fair but its true
But Texas Loved you
Even when the bonnets weren't blue

Sister snow we are kindred souls
Tundra ...

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Are Ya' Doin' Alright?

I see you tryin'
To make each day a better day
But the world keeps draggin'
You down along the way

Get up Get out
Hit the line
Don't be led astray
Don't let the team down

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