Awsaaf Ali

Rookie - 30 Points [Awsaaf Ali] (27th August 1997 / Hyderabad, India.)

Biography of Awsaaf Ali

Hi, I am a poet from Hyderabad. I have always found writing intriguing. Since childhood, I started scribbling meaningless words but as I went into the depths of the situations, I started writing about them instead of sharing about it with anybody. I randomly started writing love poems and then later started writing dark poems and have written many other poems on various topics. Some poems are written in a total subconscious state and some are on the true hallucination experiences. I believe I've secret absurd disorders which make me feel eating any sound or consuming any kind of light. Updates

Death: Ii

Frozen blood o' thee lie,
I stareth thy te'rs crawleth,
Numb fingers o' thine,
De'd rose, soken wine,
Waitin' fo' the soul o' mine,
Tranquility ami'st us flasheth,
Melancholy too faces death,
Reminiscences t'en frozeth,
Whispers face silence,

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