Treasure Island

B.J. Ayers

(06/25/1940 / North Carolina)

Biography of B.J. Ayers

B.J. Ayers poet

Bobby J. Ayers (better known as Bj) has been writing poetry for the past 35 years. He is married, the father of three children and the Grandfather of Four. Many of his poems in have been displayed in Photographic and Art Galleries throughout the world as a narrative description for works within the galleries. B.j.Published his first novel, Oaths Taken, Commitments Honored, in 2007.Although written as fiction, many say it is a true story about B j. He is now working on a second novel due out in early 2012

B.J. Ayers's Works:

Oaths Taken, Commitments Honored (Fiction)
From Sunrise to Sunset (A Book of Poems) Updates


As the sun sets and darkness descends,
The sound of nature with all it’s might,
The birds, the frogs, the crickets, they send,
The chirps, the croaks, all sounds of night,

To see in the distance, the shadows of trees,
as they reach to the stars, in the darkness above,
The smell of honeysuckles, , that grew from the seeds,
It’s only natures way, and to share it’s love,

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