Barbara Attaway

Rookie (Beaumont, Texas, USA)

Biography of Barbara Attaway

I come from southeast Texas and a big family of poets. Daddy wrote songs and Mother wrote poetry. My brother was a gifted musician and my sister writes beautiful poetry, short stories, and books. I had a great-grandfather who was a song-and-dance man in vaudeville. I feel I am the lesser talent of all of them, but owe them at least my attempt at something along the same line. I do love poetry...I use it to document days and memorable moments in my life. I hope you will enjoy my efforts. Updates


They stand as sentinels against azure storms
Assured as most storms of life, it's supposed
Although bared of dress, although naked as jays
Winter's trees umbrella from worst of those

Emptied of warmth, why stand themselves here
None rest beneath, cold is this grayness
Determined, enduring Hail's hiss, they stay
Limbs upturned, beg the sun from her shyness

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