Bashyam Narayanan

Bashyam Narayanan Poems

1. What Do We Do When We Make Steel? 11/15/2007
2. It Was Not Yet Another Day, Today 11/21/2007
3. It Is Still A Long Wait In The Dark 11/26/2007
4. Life A School, Learning The Living 12/17/2007
5. It Is Not Going To Be Easy Any More 4/3/2008
6. The Last Thing I Have, To Offer You 4/24/2008
7. Unattended And Left To Be On His Own 4/24/2008
8. Relieved Again Was I 4/29/2008
9. Going Ahead With Living In A Better Way Than Most Of You Do 5/2/2008
10. To The Child In The Coming 5/4/2008
11. Keep Your Windows Open And Get Connected To The World 5/5/2008
12. And Take Pride In Having Created A Human Being 5/6/2008
13. I Will Be In Comfort And Others In Peace 5/20/2008
14. Explore Your Potential And Earn The Heart Of The World 5/29/2008
15. Look At Me Please, I Am Just Above You 6/6/2008
16. How I Wish I Go Back To That Safe, Harmless Dark Fluid Pool 6/14/2008
17. Still You Believe Marriages Are Heavenly.... 7/5/2008
18. My Dear Alcohol 7/8/2008
19. No Destination Is Too Far, Provided.... 6/26/2008
20. Realize The Big Ocean In You 8/14/2008
21. The Dateless Day Of September 9/13/2008
22. Why It’s So Only To Me? 9/22/2008
23. With So Much Riches Standing Tall, Proud And Around 9/24/2008
24. The Element Of Determination 10/19/2008
25. The Fire Of Desire 10/20/2008
26. Not A Doomsday But A Boons-Day 10/30/2008
27. Who Said What Is There In The Name 11/6/2008
28. Live Your Life And Let Others Do Theirs 11/17/2008
29. Till The Last Minute 11/22/2008
30. Change Has Come Indeed, But It Is Becoming Increasingly Difficult 12/6/2008
31. We Can Also Fly 12/17/2008
32. Understanding Is Only Misunderstanding 12/26/2008
33. Gracious Glance Of Innocence 12/27/2008
34. Dawn Of The New Year 2009 12/27/2008
35. Do Any Of You Know 1/8/2009
36. Love Others And Take Them Along In Your Great Ship – Friendship 1/29/2009
37. Prepare The World For The Pleasure Of Being Fair 1/29/2009
38. My Sweet Little Kid Says 1/30/2009
39. Marry A Person Worth Being Your Height 1/30/2009
40. Prefer To Feel Embarrassed And Forward You Go 2/14/2009
Best Poem of Bashyam Narayanan

The Art Of Marriage

The art of Marriage

A good marriage must be created
In marriage the little things are the big things

It is never being too old to hold hands

It is remembering to say
I love you
At least once a day

It is never going to sleep angry

It is having a mutual sense of values and common objectives

It is standing together facing the world

It is forming circle of love that gathers in whole family

It is speaking words of appreciation and demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways.

It is having the capacity to forgive and ...

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The Clock Is Clicking

The clock is clicking
It is clicking to show just then
A time span of one second
Has become the past
The clock is clicking

Each click means a step
Towards your progress and growth
Optimistic wisdom says

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