Bebai Rosa

Rookie (Cleveland, Ohio USA)

Biography of Bebai Rosa

I am an advocate of the dis-infranchised, the poor,
the abused, battered women and children.
I love people. I am passionate about the subject of
interest to me. I write poetry because I feel a need to communicate my ideas and there are some things that just need to be said. I'm not really interested
in the formalities of poetry. I just enjoy expressing
my views with others. I am also a born again christian Updates

The Presence Of Mind

A mind is like a wallet or purse from whence many things are disbursed. It is held tightly in the presence of strangers and closely guarded. Often within it are gifts imparted.
The conents thereof, few if any are aware.

Sometimes they are held sacred and rarely shared.
Names and addresses, imporatnt things.
The issues of life which inspire kings and queens.
Placed therein are toiletries of things hidden.

Oil of Okay for the rough dry areas of one's life.

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