Bebai Rosa

Rookie (Cleveland, Ohio USA)

Bebai Rosa Poems

1. Beautiful People In Evil Places 1/6/2006
2. In The Eye Of The Storm 1/6/2006
3. Sacrifice Of Praise, Yah 1/6/2006
4. Divine Favor 1/6/2006
5. The Presence Of Mind 1/6/2006
6. The Desire Cometh 1/6/2006
7. In My Mind's Eye 1/6/2006
8. The Secret Place 1/6/2006
9. The Fullness Of Life 1/6/2006
10. The Essence Of A Woman 1/6/2006
11. The Only Wise God (Yah) 1/6/2006
12. The Small Still Voice 1/6/2006
13. Ode To Patience 1/6/2006
14. She Shall Bring Forth A Child (Epistle 1) 1/6/2006
15. She Shall Bring Forth A Child (Epistle 2) 1/6/2006
16. She Shall Bring Forth A Child (Epistle 3) 1/7/2006
17. When Doves Cry 1/7/2006
18. The Perils Of Frivolus Dialogue 1/7/2006
19. Mr. Can'T Fix It 1/7/2006
20. Foul Play 1/7/2006
21. Epistle To Whom My Soul Belongeth 1/7/2006
22. September Indiscretion 1/7/2006
23. Spiritual Check-Up 1/7/2006
24. I Surrender 1/7/2006
25. A Public Sign 1/7/2006
26. A Closer Look 1/7/2006
27. The Cup That Runneth Over 1/7/2006
28. Wake-Up Call 1/7/2006
29. Beyond Repair 1/7/2006
30. When The Spirit Moves 1/7/2006
31. The Convocation 1/7/2006
32. Empathy In Crisis 1/7/2006
33. Pandora's Box 1/7/2006
34. Whispers Of Inspiration 1/7/2006
35. The Poison Of Asps 1/7/2006
36. The Poison Of Asps (Part2) 1/7/2006
37. The Poison Of Asps (Part 3) 1/7/2006
38. Every Tongue Shall Confess 4/18/2006
39. Jesus, In Your Arms I'Ll Take My Rest 1/7/2006
40. Imitation Of Life 1/7/2006
Best Poem of Bebai Rosa

Man In The Mirror

Remember when you despised the apostle
Who was always preaching the gospel
Now you sit with eyes glistening
Soul searching as you are listening

The gospel you have come to accept
In it's contents you have become adept
To that which you were apalled
You have now yielded to it's call

Now who is the apostle?
It's your turn to preach the gospel
When you encounter those who seem hostile
Remember when you weren't so docile

When submitting to a higher calling
You'll find it's not always enthralling
Some will find you apalling
Keep your focus, ...

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The Presence Of Mind

A mind is like a wallet or purse from whence many things are disbursed. It is held tightly in the presence of strangers and closely guarded. Often within it are gifts imparted.
The conents thereof, few if any are aware.

Sometimes they are held sacred and rarely shared.
Names and addresses, imporatnt things.
The issues of life which inspire kings and queens.
Placed therein are toiletries of things hidden.

Oil of Okay for the rough dry areas of one's life.

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