Bella Ravenstar

Rookie (Southern California)

Biography of Bella Ravenstar

I was born and raised in the desert of California.
I developed a love of writing when I was 12, but didn't develop my skills until I was 15. I have written about hardships in my life, religous matters and I hope to inspire others. I enjoy wrting plays, songs books, and poems. I hope to be an acomplished writer someday.
I plan on writing as my future career because of my creative ideas, and passion for it. I hope my works will be highly. acknowledged someday Updates

Manic Stage

My mind's a stage
My thoughts are the acts
My desires are the actors
My emotions are the directors
My dreams are the scripts
They constantly rehearse without end
Unless to rehearse a different script
Then it never ends
Arounf and around it goes

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