Ben Paynter

Freshman - 899 Points (Midwest)

Ben Paynter Poems

1. Only Ashes Are Completed 1/1/2006
2. When Those Days Come 4/2/2006
3. Little Milly 6/15/2006
4. Left With The Night And The Known 6/23/2006
5. On The Eve Of A Storm And A Love 7/11/2006
6. This Life Thing 8/20/2006
7. On A Thief 9/24/2006
8. What Morning Holds 10/31/2006
9. I'Ll Let The Winter Blow 10/31/2006
10. Maybe In Some Far And Foreign Field 11/15/2006
11. Z 11/20/2006
12. Said I To The Girl With Midnight Eyes 11/27/2006
13. I Think Only God Is Honest 11/29/2006
14. Where The Cracks In The Stonework Deftly Meet 12/12/2006
15. Your Hands Were Just A Little Too Cold 12/25/2006
16. What It Takes To Be Heard 12/28/2006
17. This We 12/28/2006
18. The Words Aren'T Always Everything 12/17/2006
19. Let The Fog Roll In 12/31/2006
20. Much Ado About Nothing 12/31/2006
21. Somewhere, A Blue Glove 1/2/2007
22. Off Ramp 1/6/2007
23. Here In This Silence, I 1/10/2007
24. She Was Late 1/12/2007
25. Some Will Say The Flower Bloomed Too Soon 2/6/2007
26. Tiresome 3/7/2007
27. Tornado Season 3/13/2007
28. On The West Bank Of The River 3/14/2007
29. Queen Of Hearts, You 3/15/2007
30. Now A Flattened Penny, You 4/1/2007
31. This Storm Has Left, You 4/3/2007
32. Bridge Burning 5/31/2007
33. Mother, This Graveyard 5/31/2007
34. This Morning Holds Enough For Only One, And Then 7/2/2007
35. Living, Too Late 7/2/2007
36. The Moon Has Waned 7/27/2007
37. The Question 7/30/2007
38. Everyday Night, An 8/8/2007
39. Broken Feet Footprints 8/12/2007
40. It Was A Lonely Realization 8/20/2007
Best Poem of Ben Paynter

And Her Face And Her Words And Her Promises

she says that my face
is the last she sees
before sleep takes her,
and she cannot sleep
without it.

but I know that
there are other faces
that float above
her eyes.
and the stars are out
tonight and I
need them to dance.

“have I said too
much” she says with
a halfhearted question
of love.
no, but you have not
kept your promise
and your promise
has not kept

and all the while
the clock spins circles
on the wall
and a dog barks
at the moon.
and her face sits
resting on my

I say ...

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A Statue's Dream

I walked a street I’d walked before
a road that led to home
and watched a lonesome bystander
who’s face was hard as stone
impassively he gazed at me
and I stared back at him
and saw the answers dancing there
along with aging sin
I asked him, “Please where have you gone,

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