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1521. Is This The India Where Women Are Burnt, Killed For Dowry; Female Babies Thrown Off For The Male Babies? 7/7/2014
1522. Is This Your Art? Modern Art? To Denude A Girl & See Her? 7/8/2014
1523. It Burnt To Ashes And It Remained It Not Anything To Be Called Of Mother 4/19/2015
1524. It Didn'T Matter, A Wayfarer I 10/25/2013
1525. It Is Beautiful To Act Like A Sattagering Drunkard 8/1/2014
1526. It Is Bihar, Of The Bogus People & Blunt Men, Most Third-Class Men, Rough & Tough, Clumsy & Uncouth People -new- 11/20/2015
1527. It Is Easy To Divorce (Will You Divorce Me To Find A Love?) 7/5/2014
1528. It Is Good That They Have Beaten The Teachers In The Calcutta University Campus 7/6/2015
1529. It Is India 9/9/2015
1530. It Is Interesting To Talk About The Partition Literature, But Think About Those Who Suffered And Perished 1/1/2015
1531. It Is None But Modern Man Who Will Bring Ruin And Devastation To This Worlddev 1/15/2015
1532. It Is Not My Business To See Who A Catholic, Who A Protestant? 12/22/2014
1533. It Is Thou Who Standest By Me In Pain & Pleasure 2/24/2015
1534. It Is Time 12/28/2014
1535. It Is Time Which Does Not Wait For 1/4/2015
1536. It Was 1986 When I Started Writing In English, But No Favour Found I In The Critics Of India 12/27/2014
1537. It Was A Beauty To Mark Her 1/9/2014
1538. It Was First Kiss; Kissing You For The First Time 7/11/2014
1539. It Was My First Kiss 11/26/2013
1540. It Was My First Kiss/ My Impression Of Hers 11/26/2013
1541. It’s A Misty Morning 8/6/2013
1542. It's A Moonlit Night 6/28/2014
1543. It's Ist May 4/30/2015
1544. Its Moonlit Night 9/27/2014
1545. It's Not The Kiss Of Love, But The Kiss Of The Loafers On The Jnu And Jadavpur Campus 11/9/2014
1546. It's Sunrise -new- 11/20/2015
1547. It's True That You Are Somewhat Dark-Complexioned... 12/13/2013
1548. I've Made Up My Mind To Ask For The Hands Of The Fanatic's Daughter -new- 11/19/2015
1549. J.P., What Revolution Had It Been? 1/16/2014
1550. J.P.'s Gwalas, They Too Leaders 12/23/2014
1551. J.P's Black-Mouthed Hanumans 11/8/2015
1552. Jadavpur And The Adda Of Love 12/24/2014
1553. Jadavpur Campus Not For Naxalism, Love And Romance 9/19/2014
1554. Jadavpur Campus, Coffee-House And The Addas, Sipping Of Warm Coffee And Naxalism 6/26/2014
1555. Jadavpur Campus, The Naxal And His Love Affair 12/24/2014
1556. Jadavpur Turf 2/22/2015
1557. Jadavpur University Campus A Heaven For Naxalism; For Love, Romance & Free-Mixing 9/21/2014
1558. Jadavpur University Campus And The Leftist Intelligentia 9/18/2014
1559. Jadavpur University Campus Is Not For Politicking, Leftist Strategy & Agenda 9/18/2014
1560. Jadavpur University Campus, The Coffee Houses And The Naxal Aaddas 9/18/2014
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The Dark Daughter

The Dark Daughter
The dark daughter, dark not, but beautiful,
Call her not dark,
As she dark not, my dark daughter,
Dark you, dark the world, the tales of Creation,
Dark, dark is Kali,
Not only you.

Dark daughter, you not only dark,
Dark the world and the tales of it,
Dark the Creation
And the tales of it,
The Light coming out from the Womb of Darkness
And shining upon.

Dark daughter, dark you not,
Dark the Creation and the tales of it
Shrouded in myths and mysteries
And miracles flashing upon
To dawn.

Dark dark, dark ...

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O cinematographic villain, it’s true that your are doing the role of a villain
On marking the other lead roles gone to others,
It’s my request to you,
You remain a villain,
An expert in villainy,
But make not others real villains of life!

You with music in the background jump on the cushion
Like the hostel boys,

[Hata Bildir]